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At Easy Afford, we offer comprehensive packages and can handle the entire IKEA kitchen project from start to finish. We always do our best to provide the best possible quality and leave our customers fully satisfied Our services are available in Toronto, Oakville, Brampton, Mississauga, and surrounding areas.

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IKEA Appliances Installation

ikea Appliances

Upgrading your kitchen appliances is one of the easiest ways to quickly revamp the look of your kitchen without gutting it out completely and starting over from scratch. 

But when it comes to making certain upgrades, like replacing your range-hood or installing a built-in oven, the work is best left to the professionals.

Of course, you’re free to take on these tasks yourself. But if there’s any work involving your plumping, electrical wiring, or gas fittings, unless you’re a skilled tradesperson, we suggest you leave these types of installations to the pros.  

Fortunately, we offer the best, high-quality IKEA kitchen appliance installation service in the Toronto and the surrounding GTA region.

Built-In Microwave Installation

Many homes aren’t designed with a specific place to put a microwave. Therefore, homeowners often end up keeping their microwave in the middle of their counters or on their table, where it ends up taking up unnecessary space.

built in microwave

However, when you choosing IKEA cabinets for your new kitchen there are options to include IKEA built in microwave in your kitchen design. 

Our team of skilled installers can install different types of IKEA built-in microwaves including with great proficiency and according to IKEA installation manual.

So make the most out of every bit of space available in your kitchen and contact us today!

Range Hood Installation

Although you probably spend most of your time looking at your oven and stove top, your range hood can also influence the entire look and feel of your kitchen.

ikea range hood

And not only does a range hood add an important style element to your kitchen, but it also helps keep it free from stinky grease odors, steam, and other unpleasant cooking fumes. 

Choose from single, free-standing range hoods, or built-in, under cabinet range hoods, with either vented or filtered range fans. We also offer a wide selection of wall-mounted, built-in, or ceiling mounted range hoods that are all guaranteed to look fabulous in your home.

Built in microwave with fan

Some of IKEA’s hottest range hood models included VINSTGIVANDE, GENOMDRIVE, LAGAN, and UNDANTAG.

All of which are affordable at unbeatable prices and are all backed by IKEA’s 25-year limited warranty.

Custom Cooktops And Built-In Oven Installation

ikea built in oven

Another sexy and stylish kitchen trend in recent years are built-in ovens, as opposed to a traditional, free-standing stove top and oven combo. 

Many times, homeowners are now choosing to place a gas-fired cooking range or electric stovetop on a central island in their kitchen, and then surrounding the island with additional cupboards and cabinets, on top of a seamlessly built-in oven. 

This can help you make the most out of the total amount of space you have available in your kitchen, making sure that every last square foot counts. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Contact us now, and start planning out the kitchen you’ve always wanted!

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Easy Afford is one of the leading names in IKEA kitchen design and installation services in Toronto and GTA. Being extremely client-oriented we always ensure that our customers are happy with their new kitchens, from start to finish.
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