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At Easy Afford, we offer comprehensive packages and can handle the entire IKEA kitchen project from start to finish. We always do our best to provide the best possible quality and leave our customers fully satisfied Our services are available in Toronto, Oakville, Brampton, Mississauga, and surrounding areas.

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Existing Kitchen Removal

Planning A Kitchen Redesign? Save The Hassle And Let Us Remove Your Existing Features

kitchen removal

If you’ve ever renovated a kitchen or any other part of a home, I’m sure you already know that the demolition and initial tear down can be the messiest, dirtiest, most destructive, and most time-consuming part of the entire project. 

Especially if you’re dealing with an older, outdated home, you’d be amazed by some of the dirty, disgusting things you might find waiting for you behind the drywall, old plaster, and ancient cabinets.

And not only that, but in some cases, you might end up getting stuck dealing with problems that the last guy tried to hide, thinking that he wouldn’t be the one to have to deal with it. 

In other words, a simple tear down/demo project can quickly turn into biting off more than you can chew. 

So unless you’re ready to handle the messiest part of your renovation job all by yourself, we suggest giving us a call and letting our team of skilled contractors remove your existing kitchen fixtures and cabinets. 

We’ll take care of the dirty work, so you can start building the kitchen of your dreams as soon as possible.

Don’t waste your time or money trying to gut your kitchen by hand! 

Leave the demolition and removal of your old kitchen to the professionals like us, and in just a couple of days, your kitchen will be ready for new cabinets, appliances, countertops, and paint.

Your Friendly, Demolition and Renovation Specialists

Our employees are always polite, not too mention skilled in their trades, and always understanding that the customer comes first.

easy afford kitchen disposal

We know that we’re entering into your home, and will always take the utmost care to keep things clean and tidy, and leave your home in nothing less than a better condition than when we first entered. 

Our team of professionals will come into your home, and remove any existing kitchen or kitchen components, without causing any more damage or making any more of a mess than necessary. 

Fast, reliable removal of your old kitchen is available today.

Demolition and Old Kitchen Removal

The truth is that homeowners today are saving money on their renovation projects by only renovating the parts of their kitchen that are necessary. 

In other words, instead of gutting everything down to the studs, homeowners are often choosing to only replace certain components such as their kitchen cupboards or cabinets. 

This can be a tricky process because you don’t have to cause any damage other than removing the existing cabinets and fixtures. 

Luckily, our skilled workers are able to remove your existing kitchen components and dispose of them for you at a small additional cost. 

Note that this service is only available for customers who are already ordering IKEA kitchen installation services, and we do not provide demolition services otherwise. 

So if you’re planning to get a new IKEA kitchen and want your old kitchen out of your hair as soon as possible, give us a call or contact us today, and we’d be more than happy to discuss your project with you.

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Easy Afford is one of the leading names in IKEA kitchen design and installation services in Toronto and GTA. Being extremely client-oriented we always ensure that our customers are happy with their new kitchens, from start to finish.
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