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The Ultimate Guide To IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Doors

last updated: April 6, 2020

Read min: 20m

Written by: Alex

ikea kitchen cabinet doors

Looking for new IKEA kitchen cabinets? Wondering what styles are available? Pricing?

If so, then you’re just where you need to be!

But of course, with so many style options available from IKEA, making your final decision might feel like an impossibly grueling task. 

So with that in mind, we’ve put together one of the most in-depth guides on IKEA kitchen cabinets you’ll find on the internet. 

Below, we’ll break down all the most popular styles and designs to help you get a better idea of how you can put together your new kitchen. 

Let’s start by taking a quick look at why you should choose to design your kitchen with IKEA cabinets and doors.

Why Choose IKEA Kitchen Cabinets?

ikea kitchen door styles

Whether you’re starting with an empty room, redoing your kitchen completely from scratch, or just want to give it a bit of a facelift, there’s no better place to start than your local IKEA.

With so many cabinet, door, drawer, and accessory options available, you’ll be able to let your imagination run wild, without going into an equally wild amount of debt.

This is because while IKEA cabinets have a modern look, a DIY feel, all on top of being built with durable, long-lasting quality. 

Plus, IKEA products are also consistently more affordable compared to buying from North American brand names like Lowes or Home Depot. 

So, if you’re looking to design your kitchen with the most up-to-date styles, and don’t feel like spending a fortune, then I urge you to keep reading, and browse through all of the stunning options currently available from IKEA.


ikea kitchen axstad dark gray

As one of the most popular cabinet doors from IKEA, AXSTAD doors have sumptuous, soft lines, as well as an inset panel for a bit of added depth. 

With their foil finish, AXSTAD cabinet doors allow homeowners to create either a traditional or a more modern-looking ambiance in their homes. 

Furthermore, the foil finish is a smooth surface, which provides you with a moisture-resistant cabinet door that won’t stain and that’s super easy to clean and maintain. And finally, like many other IKEA cabinet doors, AXSTAD can be mounted from both the left or the right side.

AXSTAD - Matte White

axstad white door

White has always been a great color for kitchens and cooking areas. Although some people might call matte white an ordinary or plain color, AXSTAD cabinet doors from IKEA are silky smooth, elegant and luxurious, and prove that the color white is anything but basic.

AXSTAD - Dark Gray (NEW)

axstad dark gray door

For a slightly more sophisticated look, AXSTAD cabinet doors are also available in a devilish dark gray, that’s sure to add the perfect bit of style to your home. You’ll get the same soft lines that you’d get with AXSTAD in matte white, but these dark gray cabinet doors are sure to add a more modern, sleeker touch to your kitchen.


bodbyn kitchen ikea

As the next most popular IKEA cabinet doors on our list, BODBYN doors will bring a simple, soft, yet luxurious touch to your cooking space. 

All BODBYN doors are made with a solid exterior frame and an interior beveled panel, giving them a very distinctive, yet timeless classic character. Finally, to provide that typical IKEA moisture and stain-proofing, BODBYN cabinet doors are finished with a seamlessly smooth lacquered finish.

BODBYN Off-White

ikea-bodbyn off white kitchen

BODBYN cabinet doors in off-white are capable of providing your home with one of the most traditional looks and feels you’ll find on our list. And at the same time, the creaminess of the off-white color is guaranteed to give your kitchen a warmer, brighter atmosphere.

bodbyn door_off white


bodbyn gray kitchen ikea

Of course, off-white isn’t going to be everybody’s top choice. In fact, today, many homeowners are opting for bolder color tones, such as BODBYN cabinet doors in a gorgeous gray coloring.


Although these BODBYN doors in gray are going to give your kitchen a much darker look and feel to it, by pairing them with the right countertops and accessories, you’ll be sure to create a stunning focal point that’s sure to be envied by homeowners everywhere.

BODBYN Dark Green

ikea bodbyn green

For homeowners who want an extra bold feel in their kitchen, BODBYN cabinet doors from IKEA are also available in a dark green tone, which is sure to give your kitchen a friendlier, more earthy feel to it. 

bodbyn door_green

Pair dark green cabinet doors with light wood tones throughout your kitchen and your bolder character traits are sure to shine through and impress anyone who lays eyes on them.


VOXTORP ikea kitchen

Next up from IKEA, we have their VOXTORP cabinet doors, which are perfect for homeowners that want a sleeker, more modernistic look in their kitchen.

VOXTORP door no handless

Complete with semi-hidden integrated handles, VOXTORP cabinet doors are guaranteed to bring crisp, clean lines into your kitchen, giving it a much more open and inviting atmosphere. 

Although hidden, the depth of the doors’ handles makes it super easy to open and close the door. Plus, you won’t have any unsightly knobs or handles sticking out anywhere, so you’ll never have to worry about getting your clothing caught ever again! 


VOXTORP cabinet doors are designed to match perfectly with VOXTORP cover panels and decorative moldings.

VOXTORP Matte White

VOXTORP matte white

No matter how you look at it, matte white is always going to be a favorite color amongst homeowners, and VOXTORP cabinet doors in a marvelous matte white are not going to be any different. 

Although matte white is often considered a basic color, VOXTORP cabinet doors in matte white are perfect for minimalists or homeowners going for a simpler, yet luxuriant look. Plus, a matte white color matches perfectly with VOXTORP’s minimalistic integrated handles.

VOXTORP High-Gloss Light Beige

VOXTORP light beige high gloss

For just a tiny bit more flavor than matte white, VOXTORP cabinet doors from IKEA are also available in a high-gloss light beige. 

In fact, these VOXTORP IKEA cabinets are guaranteed to prove that beige is anything but a boring color. 

So if you’re looking for a timeless, neutral color, that’s sure to match perfectly with the other design elements in your kitchen, you might want to consider these stunning cabinets from IKEA in high-gloss beige.

VOXTORP Walnut Effect

VOXTORP walnut effect

What homeowner doesn’t want a touch of wood to their home? 

For centuries, wood has been the absolute most popular building material for flooring, trim, moldings, cabinets, and more. So in other words, VOXTORP kitchen cabinets in a walnut effect finish are guaranteed to add a classic, timeless feel to your kitchen.


VOXTORP dark gray

If matte white, light beige, and walnut effect weren’t enough for you to choose from, VOXTORP cabinet doors are also available in IKEA’s daring dark gray. 

While dark gray isn’t quite as subtle or neutral as colors like white or beige, dark gray cabinets can easily be used to bring a bolder, more intense, and daring atmosphere to your kitchen design.


ikea kitchen KUNGSBACKA doors

For the eco-friendly environmentalists out there, you’re going to love KUNGSBACKA cabinet doors from IKEA, which are made entirely from recycled materials. 

In fact, KUNGSBACKA’s particle board components are made from recycled wood, and the fabulous foil finish is made from recycled PET plastic bottles. 

So in other words, you’ll be able to add style, luxury, as well as a “greener” touch to your kitchen at the same time.


kungsbacka doors

Anthracite is a hard, compact type of coal with a sobering black sheen to it. 

And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you choose KUNGSBACKA cabinet doors from IKEA: a sexy, sobering style, that’s sure to draw stares and drop the jaws of anyone you invite into your home.


ikea kitchen grimslow white

GRIMSLOV cabinet doors are another simple, yet stunning example of IKEA’s modern-looking and minimalistic designs. These cabinet doors are made from a simple frame and an inset face panel, completed by a foil finish. 

Additionally, GRIMSLOV doors’ foil finish is super easy to keep clean and to care for, as well as making them more moisture and impact-resistant than some other materials. 

Finally, these cabinet doors from IKEA also give you more flexibility to choose from a greater number of corner solutions since you’ll be able to mount them from the left or the right. Plus, like many of the other models we’ve discussed today, GRIMSLOV cabinet doors are backed by IKEA’s industry-leading 25-year limited warranty.


GRIMSLÖV drawer fronts

Like most of IKEA’s more modern-looking designs, GRIMSLOV cabinet doors in off-white are capable of bringing that perfectly bright and warm touch your kitchen has been in need of. 

When you pair these off-white GRIMSLOV cabinet doors with bolder colors, like black or dark brown countertops, you’ll be able to create a cooking space, filled with just the right amount of contrast.



Again, we have another sterling example of IKEA’s ability to create a design so simple, but yet entirely filled with seductive style and elegance. 

In fact, VEDDINGE cabinet doors are ideal for homeowners who want a smooth, sleek look for their kitchens. And in addition to their sleekness, VEDDINGE doors are completed with a lacquered finish, making them completely resistant to stains and moisture.


VEDDINGE ikea doors

VEDDINGE cabinet doors are available in a wonderful, pure white color, reminiscent of the cleanest, best-looking kitchens you’ve ever visited. What’s more, is that you can mount these doors from the left or the right, giving you even more flexibility with your design.



Once again, our next cabinet doors are sure to be a hit amongst homeowners that are looking to add a bolder touch to their kitchens. 

TINGSRYD doors are designed with a simple, dark, smooth-faced panel, that blends elegantly with the design’s subtle wood grain pattern. Additionally, TINGSRYD cabinet doors are made from sturdy melamine, which is super durable and resistant to moisture as well.

TINGSRYD Wood Effect Black

TINGSRYD Wood Effect Black

Unfortunately, TINGSRYD cabinet doors from IKEA are only available in a stark wood effect black. However, the design’s bold and sobering look is sure to be the center of attention in your brand new cooking space.

TINGSRYD ikea fronts

Although the doors are made from man-made melamine, their wood effect is designed to look as close to real wood grain as possible. Plus, you’ll also have the option of completing your kitchen design using matching TINGSRYD cover panels, plinths, and moldings.



If you’re a parent, teacher, homeschooler, or even if you just have kids over to your home often, then you’re going to love UDDEVALLA cabinet doors from IKEA. 


Because UDDEVALLA doors come in a stunning matte black, which doubles as a chalkboard. 

That’s right, I said chalkboard!

In fact, UDDEVALLA cabinet doors are the only cabinet doors we know of that are actually designed to be written on using chalk.

uddevalla blackboard surface black

By being able to color your UDDEVALLA cabinet doors any color that you want, you’ll be able to personalize your kitchen in an easy and fun way. Or, you can simply choose to use them for keeping notes, writing down lists, recipes, kids’ activities, and more. 

Plus, all UDDEVALLA cabinet doors have a foil finish, making them moisture-proof and impact-resistant, which is also ideal if you have hordes of children running around your home.

UDDEVALLA Anthracite

uddevalla ikea kictchen cabinet doors

Just like IKEA’s eco-friendly KUNGSBACKA cabinet doors, UDDEVALLA doors are also available in a dark, almost black, anthracite coloring. 

So whether you’re looking for a child-friendly solution, or you simply want that bold, black color, UDDEVALLA cabinet doors might just be the best choice for your new kitchen design.


ikea kitchen RINGHULT

Available in high gloss white, RINGHULT IKEA kitchen cabinet doors are sure to look gorgeous in any kitchen. 

Whether you love minimalist decor with clean lines and surfaces, enjoy cooking often (messes included), or have an active, always-hungry family, RINGHULT doors can take on any kitchen scenario with ease.

Made from fiberboard and melamine foil, they’re resistant to moisture, stains and cleaning is as easy as wiping with a damp, non-abrasive soft cloth.

Complete with a 25-year limited warranty, these bright IKEA kitchen doors can be installed to open from the left or right, allowing placement on any side of your space.

ringhult front

Plus the smooth, white aesthetic just brings such a bright, light feel to the kitchen, which just exudes happiness.

So to make your kitchen feel shiny and new, bring on the high gloss RINGHULT cabinet doors from IKEA!



For a more colourful look than that which comes with RINGHULT cabinet doors, we can’t recommend IKEA’s BODARP collection enough.

With just as clean a look, but also a vibrant gray-green touch to them, you’ll love the more natural feel these IKEA kitchen doors are to bring to your space. 

Speaking of nature, even the manufacturing of these doo

BODARP drawer fronts

rs has a positive environmental connection that makes them that much more likeable. 


Not only do the factories creating BODARP kitchen doors use renewable electrical energy sources, but they also finish them using a foil made from recycled PET bottles, so you can feel great about your choice and its lack of a negative impact on the environment. 

Like the RINGHULT collection, BODARP doors can also be mounted to open to the left or right and come with a 25-year limited warranty.  

Pair your BODARP cabinet doors with kitchen elements and decor in colours like bright white, light grey and light wood.


HÄGGEBY ikea kitchen

Similar to the design of RINGHULT IKEA kitchen doors, HÄGGEBY options come in a twinningly bright white option, minus the shimmer of RINGHULT’s high gloss finish.

ikea kitchen HÄGGEBY

Made from polypropylene, melamine foil and particleboard, these doors are stain-resistant, moisture-resistant, and aren’t easily damaged by scratching or other tough impacts. 

Thanks to the durability of melamine foil, HÄGGEBY kitchen doors can be cleaned up with simple swipes of non-abrasive dish soap on a soft cloth. Just use an un-wetted one to dry. For everything else, they’re covered by IKEA’s 25-year limited warranty. 


Upon installation, the HÄGGEBY collection can be mounted to open to the left or right, and are best fitted with two hinges. 

Additional recommended accessories include IKEA’s toe kicks, FÖRBÄTTRA cover panels and white decorative strips. For a perfect finish when decorating your IKEA kitchen, match your HÄGGEBY kitchen cabinet doors with white or black kitchen accessories


JUTIS frosted glass

Prefer glass to a matte or glossy IKEA kitchen cabinet door? Then you’re going to love the JUTIS collection.

Available in black or white, JUTIS doors are innovatively created with modern aluminum frames and a frosted (for white) or smoked (for black) glass panel finish. 

Who wouldn’t doesn’t love already built-in aesthetic accents?

JUTIS door frosted glass

For high quality and long-lasting craftsmanship, JUTIS doors’ glass panels are tempered and complete with glass enamel. The aluminum glass door frames are also coated with an epoxy powder coating for proper insulation and resistance against the elements. 

These stylish doors can also easily be cleaned with a damp cloth, dish soap and a dry soft cloth. No abrasives or glass/window cleaners are recommended. Sold with IKEA’s 25-year limited warranty, JUTIS kitchen cabinet doors are mountable to open to the left, right, and should be installed with two hinges.

JUTIS smoked glass door

These IKEA kitchen doors look amazing in either colour with black, white, or grey interior design plus nature-inspired green accents and other fruit-like colours.


LERHYTTAN ikea kitchen

Prefer black staining over white anything? You’re going to want IKEA kitchen doors from the LERHYTTAN collection!

Adding a perfect contrast to nearly any space, LERHYTTAN black stained doors give a traditional look, while their veneer panelling allows for a more overall modernized feel.

LERHYTTAN ikea kitchen style

Perfect for those who love rustic, minimalist or dark-on-light kitchen designs. 

Made from particleboard and an ash veneer with black stain and a clear coat of acrylic lacquer, caring for LERHYTTAN kitchen cabinet doors is as simple as wiping with a damp cloth plus another soft cloth to dry. The use of dish soap while damp is optional, as needed.

lerhyttan drawer fronts

Purchasable with IKEA’s 25-year limited time warranty, LERHYTTAN doors are best installed with four hinges, instead of two, and can be mounted to open on the left or right side. 

Include nearly any colour in your IKEA kitchen’s interior design when you select these gorgeous dark-stained black doors. The colour matching opportunities are truly endless, from your wall paint to your countertops, your kitchen accessories to your overall decor choices.


JARSTA ikea kitchen

Want a little more colour on your cupboards? Reach for your inspirational limits with this high gloss, black-blue option from the JÄRSTA collection!

Perfect to add a darker contrast to your bright grey or white kitchen, IKEA’S JÄRSTA kitchen cabinet doors add that beloved pop of colour that excites your eyes every time you enter..

To clean during your routine, or after a fun cooking time with your music, your mates or your food-loving family, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth and use another soft cloth to dry. For any accidental stains, try adding non-abrasive dish soap and wipe right away, then wipe dry with a non-dampened cloth.

JARSTA doors

Made with particleboard and protective foil, JÄRSTA kitchen doors are durable, long-lasting and sure to endure endless kitchen adventures. They also come with IKEA’s 25-year limited time warranty.


ASKERSUND ikea kitchen

A beautiful, neutrally-toned option for IKEA kitchen cabinet doors, the ASKERSUND collection in light ash effect adds a bright blonde look that will make any IKEA kitchen feel warm and welcoming.

For a natural wood feel on these patterned fronts, ASKERSUND kitchen doors are complete with a wood grain finish that’s easy to look at and totally touchable.

ASKERSUND kitchen doors

Plus, to keep these gorgeous IKEA kitchen cabinet doors moisture, stain, scratch and impact-resistant, they’re constructed with enduring melamine foil plus particleboard and polypropylene. 

When installing ASKERSUND kitchen doors, mount with two hinges to open to the left or right. AKSERSUND decorative strips, plinths and cover panels are also available for that extra modern touch. 

And for extra vibrancy in your new IKEA kitchen, you might want to pair the light ash effect with decor and accessories in bright whites or nature colors like ocean blue and leafy green.


GREVSTA kitchen ikea

Calling all lovers of stainless steel, the GREVSTA kitchen cabinet door collection is here. The hottest trend in kitchen doors is ready and waiting for you in your local IKEA kitchen department.

GREVSTA ikea kitchen

GREVSTA Stainless steel doors not only make any kitchen shine, but they’ll also enhance the entire look and feel of your space, making for timeless interior design that looks expensive, but is, in fact, highly affordable.

GREVSTA drawer fronts

Backed by durable melamine foil, particleboard and ABS plastic, you can easily clean these kitchen fronts with dampened cloths as well. 

In the interiors of your IKEA kitchen, stainless steel would be best matched with whites, dark oranges, navy blues or blue-greys.


TORHAMN ikea kitchen

Looking for another wood option for your IKEA kitchen cabinets? The TORHAMN collection has got you covered.

Manufactured using solid ash, particle board, ash veneer, and a clear acrylic lacquer, these IKEA cabinet doors are naturally multi-toned, with a variety of grain patterns. This unaltered ash design is sure to make your kitchen look like an award-worthy work of true craftsmanship.

TORHAMN doors ikea

Deliverable to your space with IKEA’s 25-year limited time warranty, these IKEA kitchen doors require two hinges to mount while able to open to the left or right. 

Our favourite thing about TORHAMN kitchen cabinet doors? As the natural solid ash ages over the years, it develops its own unique look from that it had at the purchase date, so you’ll never get tired of looking at it.

These bright, charming wooden tones are best paired with bright whites, greens, blues and other light wooden tones.



For an equally-gorgeous wood look with a darker tone, we’re sure you’ll be excited about selecting IKEA cabinet doors from the EDSERUM collection.

These deep brown kitchen doors bring an instantly warm vibe to any IKEA kitchen. Almost as if they were a warm cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Plus, the natural wood pattern allows for a modern or rustic feel, that pretty much any craftsman is going to appreciate.

Mountable to open to the left or right, your EDSERUM kitchen cabinet doors will require two hinges, and can be completed with matching plinths, cover panels and decorative strips.

While these kitchen fronts are moisture-resistant and stain-resistant, thanks to their melamine foil, they still come backed with IKEA’s 25-year Limited Warranty, so your family can play, cook and rest easy knowing that your kitchen is protected.

EDSERUM ikea kitchen

Finally, for that extra bold IKEA kitchen look, match the dark brown tones of your EDSERUM kitchen doors with dark yellow decor, or stay minimalist with pairings of bright whites. They’re sure to look amazing either way.


HITTARP ikea kitchen

For the appreciators of the off-white look, these IKEA kitchen cabinet doors are for you.

Can you say, “Hello, HITTARP!”? 

In addition to the character-oozing, vertical grooves that are integrated into these kitchen fronts, these HITTARP cabinet doors’ lacquered finish makes them smooth, moisture-resistant and completely stain-proof.

HITTARP drawer fronts

Made with fiberboard, plus a long-lasting acrylic and polyester paint, HITTARP doors are indeed also covered by IKEA’s 25-year Limited Warranty, giving your kitchen a charming, country vibe for many of the years to come.

Or, for an extra modern touch, you might want to try adding HITTARP decorative strips, toe kicks and cover panels, which are also toned in off-white.

ikea kitchen HITTARP

The best part of such beautiful off-white kitchen doors? Because off-white is such a versatile color, HITTARP cabinet doors can be matched with nearly any other colors, allowing you to design your IKEA kitchen with endless possibilities. 

For best results, try playing with bold greens and medium browns as your accompanying decor.


YTTERBYN ikea kitchen

We know we’ve given you a lot of choices to think about so far, but we saved the best, most versatile options for last. 


This collection of IKEA kitchen cabinet doors is printed in 5 bold styles; from black dots on white to blue-black-white vertical line mixes. They’re like having a kitchen designed by a modern art creator!

YTTERBYN door fronts

Created using particleboard, foil, ABS plastic, and a coat of acrylic lacquer, the bold, exciting character of YTTERBYN cabinet doors are always impact resistant and ready to impress any active and busy homeowner. 

To install, you may mount to open to the left or right and will need two hinges. Plus, the patterns on these IKEA kitchen fronts are also rotatable, so you can enjoy the patterns exactly the way you prefer them. 

Worried about upkeep and future kitchen adventures? Fear not, all of the YTTERBYN collection is covered by IKEA’s 25-year Limited Warranty.

Matching Your IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Door Colors

  • For white IKEA kitchen fronts: AXSTAD, RINGHULT, HÄGGEBY, or HITTARP (Off-white)
  • For coloured IKEA kitchen fronts: BODARP, JÄRSTA, or YTTERBYN
  • For black or darker IKEA kitchen fronts: BODBYN, JUTIS, or LERHYTTAN
  • For wood-toned IKEA kitchen fronts: TINGSRYD, ASKERSUND, TORHAMN, or EDSERUM
  • For stainless steel, glass, or eccentric IKEA kitchen fronts: JUTIS, UDDEVALLA, or GREVSTA

Designing Your Brand New Kitchen With IKEA

If you’ve made the decision to design your kitchen using IKEA cabinets and accessories, then you’re already half-way to creating the kitchen of your dreams. 

Today, IKEA is one of the leading names when it comes to stylish, modern-looking home designs. And not only are IKEA products meant to look as stylish and stunning as possible, they’re also built with high-quality, innovative materials, providing you with some of the best kitchen design options you’ll find.

So in other words, when you choose IKEA kitchen cabinets, you’ll be making a decision that’s guaranteed to look stunning in your home, as well as being backed by IKEA’s industry-leading 25-year limited warranty. 

But I know that we’ve given you a lot to mull over. So if you’re having trouble grasping all of the design options, let’s take a second to quickly review some of the most popular styles and colors available from IKEA.

IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Pricing And Installation Options

Of course, these are only some of the style options you’ll have at your disposal. So if you need more help figuring out how to design your kitchen, are interested in learning more about IKEA kitchens, or what to find out more about your pricing and IKEA kitchen installation option, don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

We’d love to hear from you!

More About IKEA Kitchens

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