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Cover Panels

IKEA Kitchen Cover Panels Guide

last updated: February 6, 2020

Read min: 5m

Written by: Alex

ikea kitchen cover panels guide

Are you designing or building your new kitchen with IKEA kitchen cabinets?

If you are, then you’re already well aware of the stunning style and sophistication that the Sweden-based company is capable of bringing into your home. In fact, today, IKEA is one of the world’s leading suppliers of modern, innovative home design products you can find. 

And, IKEA is often significantly more affordable than buying from other North American brands. 

But enough of that, if you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already installed your kitchen cabinets and are simply wondering how to finish it all off. 

Fortunately, we’ve put together this quick, handy guide on IKEA cover panels to help you get the best ideas for finishing your brand new kitchen’s design.

Why Do We Need Them?

As you already know, IKEA cabinets are built by using a frameless SEKTION system and are available in two general color options: white and wood effect brown color, while at the same time there are more than 15 different door styles. And considering that face of the cabinet will be covered with a door or a drawer front, the side of some cabinets could be exposed and look different to your kitchen doors.


Here are some examples

ikea kitchen base cabinet with no panel

IKEA kitchen base cabinet without cover panel

ikea kitchen cabinet with side panel

IKEA kitchen cabinet with 25”x30” cover panel installed

So, in order to avoid seeing the uncovered parts of your cabinets, IKEA has designed a special lineup of cover panels, which are guaranteed to match perfectly with any style of cabinet doors or drawers you may choose. As well as that, IKEA kitchen cover panels are also used to cover back and sides of the IKEA kitchen island, as a dishwasher gable, a filler, or a fridge panel.

IKEA Cover Panel Style Guide

Please refer to the table guide below for IKEA kitchen door styles and cover panels for them

STYLE NAME Design Options Cover Panels
AXSTAD Matt White Use Forbatra matt white
NEW Dark Gray Use Forbatra dark grey
NEW Matte blue Use AXSTAD matte blue
BODBYN Off-white Use Forbatra off white
Gray Use Bodbyn grey
Dark Green Use Bodbyn dark green
VOXTORP Matt White Use Forbatra matt white
High Gloss Light Beige Use VOXTORP high gloss light beige
Walnut Effect Use VOXTORP Cover panel, walnut effect
Dark Gray Use Forbatra dark grey
KUNGSBACKA (made from plastic bottles) Anthracite Has it's own panel
GRIMSLÖV Off-white Use Forbatra off white
VEDDINGE White Use Forbatra white
TINGSRYD Wood effect black Has it's own panel
UDDEVALLA Blackboard Surface, Anthracite Yes
RINGHULT High Gloss White Use Forbatra high gloss white
BODARP Gray-Green Yes
HÄGGEBY White Use Forbatra white
JUTIS Frosted Glass, Aluminum No
Smoked Glass, Black No
LERHYTTAN Black Stained Yes
JARSTA High Gloss Black-Blue Noe
ASKERSUND Light ash Effect Yes
GREVSTA Stainless Steel Yes
TORHAMN Natural Ash Yes
EDSERUM Wood Effect Brown Yes
HITTARP Off-White Use Forbatra off-white
YTTERBYN Printed 5 different styles No

It’s also important to note that not every style of IKEA cabinet door has a matching lineup of cover panels. So, for those that don’t, IKEA has created its fabulous FORBATTRA line

FORBATTRA comes in 5 different color variations, which are sure to match your IKEA kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts perfectly. 

  • FORBATTRA Matt White
  • FORBATTRA Off- White
  • FORBATTRA High Gloss White
  • FORBATTRA Dark Grey

IKEA Cover Panel Sizes

To match the cabinets that you’ve chosen, IKEA cover panels come in a wide range of different styles and sizes.


Let’s take a look at some of the sizes available.

IKEA cover panels for wall cabinets

  • 15×32 1/2”
  • 15×42 1/2”

IKEA cover panel for base cabinet

  • 25×30”
    or 26×36

IKEA cover panels for pantries

  • 15×90”
  • 25×80”
  • 25×90”

IKEA cover panels for dishwasher gable

  • 26×36”

IKEA cover panels for an island/peninsula or to cover the side of a fridge

  • 36×96”

IKEA cover panels as filler pieces

Any size of cover panel or cover panel leftover can be used as needed

Where To Use Cover Panels

As I’ve already mentioned, cover panels are meant to be used to cover up and exposed surfaces of your IKEA cabinets. This simply helps complete your kitchen design, giving your cabinets a fully-finished, seamless look.

ikea kitchen with cover panels explained

Typically, cover panels will be needed at either end of your cabinets, above your dishwasher (gable), on the exposed sides of a pantry, or on the backside of a kitchen island.

Furthermore, IKEA cover panels can also be used as a filler material when there are gaps that need to be filled between cabinets and adjacent walls, or alternatively, between the top of an upper cabinet and the ceiling.

IKEA Cover Panel Installation

IKEA cover panels are meant to be used to cover up any unfinished parts of your cabinets, as well as to help conceal the way that they’re put together. 

For this, you’ll need to install your cover panels with screws through the side of your cabinet walls. However, additional brackets or clamps are sometimes needed to provide extra support and to help properly complete the installation.

ikea kitchen cover panel installation

Finally, IKEA is known as somewhat of a do-it-yourself brand, where you get to choose your design components and then you’re free to put them together however your desire. And while this can be fun and easy for handymen or those with building experience, getting things right can be a bit trickier for those who’ve never installed a kitchen before. 

So if you’re interested in learning more about designing your kitchen with IKEA cabinets, or simply need help putting everything together, we’d love to hear from you. So don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us for a quick quote.

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