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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: Cost & Benefits

What is Cabinet Refacing and Is It Worth the Effort? How Much Does It Cost in 2024?

last updated: June 28, 2024

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Written by: Easy Afford

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Kitchen cabinet refacing is like giving your kitchen a facelift without the hassle of a full renovation. It involves replacing cabinet doors, drawer fronts, side panels, toe kicks, moldings, and hardware while keeping the existing cabinet boxes. This is different from kitchen cabinet resurfacing, which simply repaints these components.

Kitchen before cabinets refacing

Kitchen cabinets refacing project in Toronto – Before

When to Consider Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

Refacing is perfect if you want a fresh look for your kitchen without breaking the bank or turning your home into a construction zone. Here’s why you might choose refacing:

– Cost-Effective: On average, it costs about 40-50% less than a full cabinet replacement.

– Quick Turnaround: The process takes only 2-3 days, and you can still use your kitchen during this time.

– Minimal Disruption: No need to live in a construction site for weeks. Refacing is clean and quick.

– Value Boost: Just like a full renovation, refacing can increase your home’s value, often providing a near 100% return on investment.

– Eco-Friendly: Refacing reuses your existing cabinet boxes, reducing waste and your carbon footprint.

– Endless Design Options: Here at Easy Afford Kitchen we offer a wide range of styles and finishes, including real wood, wood veneers, our absolute best seller – painted fronts and custom components, laminates, and more.

– Customization: Enhance your kitchen’s functionality with new drawers, organizers, or even an additional island or pantry storage.

Kitchen before cabinets refacing

Kitchen with cabinet doors and fillers removed

Cost of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing in 2024

Wondering how much it would cost to reface your kitchen cabinets in 2024? Here’s a homeowner-friendly breakdown:

  1. Full Renovation Comparison: If a full kitchen renovation is quoted at $27,000 (excluding new appliances), you can expect refacing to cost about half of that, around $13,000.
  2. Linear Footage Method: Measure the total length of your kitchen cabinets, including appliances, island or peninsulas, and pantry if any. Multiply this measurement by $450, the average cost per linear foot. This method offers a straightforward way to estimate your refacing cost:

– Average: $450 per linear foot

– Range: $250 to $700 per linear foot, depending on materials and specifics of the project

For example, if your kitchen cabinets total 20 linear feet, the cost for refacing could range from $5,000 to $14,000, depending on the grade of materials and customizations you choose.

Is Cabinet Refacing Right for You?

Deciding if cabinet refacing is suitable for your kitchen involves a few key considerations. Here’s what you need to evaluate:

– Are You Happy with Your Layout? Refacing is ideal if you like your kitchen’s current layout but want a new look. It won’t change the position of your major appliances or sink. If the layout is a significant concern, a full renovation might be a better option.

– Cabinet Condition: Your existing cabinets should be in good, functional shape. Minor issues can be fixed during refacing. However, if most cabinets are over 25 years old, show significant wear, or have odors, replacing them might be necessary.

Refacing is best for time and cost-sensitive projects, offering a quick and affordable way to refresh your kitchen. If your kitchen layout works well and your cabinets are in decent shape, refacing can deliver a stunning transformation without the mess and expense of a full renovation.

Kitchen after cabinets refacing

Kitchen cabinets refacing project in Toronto – After

Copy of IMG_5990

Kitchen cabinets refacing project in Toronto – After


Transforming your kitchen doesn’t have to be a daunting, expensive process. Kitchen cabinet refacing offers a cost-effective, quick, and stylish way to breathe new life into your space. With a plethora of design options and the added benefits of increased home value and eco-friendliness, cabinet refacing is a smart choice for many homeowners.

Ready to give your kitchen a fresh look? Contact us today to discuss your kitchen cabinet refacing project. Let’s create the kitchen of your dreams without the hassle of a full renovation!

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